Waitrose Ltd provides video fitness plan resources in conjunction with qualified personal trainer and yoga instructor, Shona Vertue

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Mindfulness is known to produce many benefits that help both the body and the brain. 

Examples include:

  • Stress reduction

  • Health and immune function

  • Focus and attention

  • Handling difficult emotions


The Extended Lunge

  1. Stand upright and step forward as far as you can with your left leg, then bend at the knee so that your leg is at a 90-degree angle.

  2. Make sure you push your weight into your front(left) heel. Pushing into your heel forces youth recruit your hamstring and gluteal muscles much more than a regular lunge.

  3. Return to the start position and repeat. Perform x 10 repetitions on this leg before changing sides.

  4. Do three sets in total.

The Squat

Arguably the most effective exercise for engaging all of the key leg muscles.

  1. Start with the feet shoulder-width apart.

  2. Squat by bending your knees and lowering your bottom until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

  3. Rise back up and repeat.

  4. Aim for 3 sets of 10 reps to start with.

  5. You could progress on to holding a weight in each hand as you get stronger.

The Plank with Forward Reach

The plank is a tie test of core strength and will work wonders upon firming the middle. Adding rotation or reaches will make it even more effective.


  1. Lie down with your elbows on the ground.

  2. Elevate your body on to your forearms and the balls of your feet, distributing your weight evenly between your forearms and feet.

  3. Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees and back straight with hips raised off the floor.

  4. Squeeze your torso and reach forward with your right arm.Hold momentarily, then return to the plank position.

  5. Repeat with the left arm, alternating for 10 reps (5 with each arm).

  6. Do 4 or 5 sets. Gradually increase the reps in each set to 20 (10 per arm)

Examples of Perfect Plank Form