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Regional afPE / Leadership Skills Foundation Accredited Tutor:

Level 4 Qualification in Supporting Pupils’ Wellbeing

Through Physical Education

Level 5/6 – Professional Vocational Qualifications:

Primary School PE Specialism and PE Subject Leadership

Last updated: Thursday 14th March 2024

Borough Primary PE & Sport Premium Allocations (2023-24) Includes Referencing to 2020-23 Total Grant Allocations)










Advisory / Training Services:
  • Schools are welcome to request any additional PE and / or PSHE in-house and / or family cluster staff training or 1: 1 Subject Leader management support incl. Subject MOT @ £300 per day / £170 per half day (2023-24 rates) that can likewise be funded via the PESS Premium


  • This Spring Term, we will tutor the Level 6 Primary PE qualification  - invitations by way of both course and application information have been sent out to targeted former delegates with Level 5 qualification status attained and who comply with both afPE and Leadership Skills Foundation course criteria e.g. the need to have QTS. Those with non-QTS can still undertake the course as CPD opportunity with a reference provided to confirm completion.

Example: Borough Primary PE Subject Leaders' Audit (2022-23) Are the boxes for your school all ticked 'YES'?

N.B: New 'next level' audit that especially reflects 11th year of PESS Premium expectations will be issued to CPD members at forthcoming Subject Leader Forums.

London & SE Primary PE and Health & Wellbeing
Development Association



Mission Statement:
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Details of Regional Primary Schools

PE & PSHE CPD Package


The Association is a voluntary body dedicated to encouraging, promoting and providing support within the fields of PE, Sport, and other health-related matters for children aged 4-11, via working links with regional primary schools, quality-assured regional clubs and influential external agencies.

The Association is managed by a board of trustees drawn from education, business and public sectors.

 Lead Primary Schools'

 PE & PSHE Advisor: 

Giles Platt is a former primary school teacher; PE subject leader and School Sports Co-ordinator who has also developed a specialism within the field of fundraising through becoming a qualified grant writer. 

He has also developed important working links with a range of national and regional organisations associated with promoting recognised high quality active healthy lifestyles within primary education that include Association for Physical Education (afPE) ; Sport Leaders UK; Department for Education; All Party Parliamentary Group re: Fit and Healthy Childhood (the latter of which has included important contributions to recently published Parliamentary advisory reports) He has also been nominated to support DfE working party re: Primary PE & Sport Premium.


He  will be managing all aspects of PE & PSHE CPD focused upon enhancing subject leadership as well as how to improve the quality of subject specific and cross-curricular teaching and learning. For a ninth year, he will also continue both the organising and tutoring of the Level 5 Primary PE Qualification course at Southborough Primary School, Bromley. This course will commence at the latter end of the Autumn term 2023 with additional details that will be published on this home page.


Another focus for this year will be to  ensure that schools utilise PE & Sports Premium as a whole school development tool. In addition, he will be managing all aspects of the website and auditing end of year borough PESS Premium reports in line with DfE  published statutory criteria.


Schools are welcome to utilise their PESS Premium funding to secure on-site service support associated with DfE strategy expectations.

Half Day - £170

Whole Day - £300

(2023-24 Academic Year rates)


Our Association is also able to direct schools to other known quality-assured, expert providers who are willing to support both subject leader and staff inset via curricular and extra curricular provision



Endorsement from Former Bromley Borough PE Advisor, Howard Marshall
Other Testimonials

Please see below evidence of feedback received in relation to previous CPD course and on-site school assistance:

Testimonial from Unicorn Primary School, Beckenham

Testimonials from former association status as Bromley Primary School Sports & Clubs Development Association before expansion process


  • Provision of Primary PE CPD provision for EYFS; Key Stage 1 & 2 teaching staff that focusses upon the teaching of high quality PE ; physical activity school sport through specialist support by way of curriculum 

       development and planning;

       delivery and assessment.   

       Other areas of support include


  •  Leadership of the Primary PE &

        School Sports strategy;  

        strategic planning of whole  

        school active healthy lifestyles

        provision as well as. local and

         national developments all

        with accompaniment of high

        quality  resources

  • Advisory service for Primary PE & Sports Premium spend, impact and sustainability – ‘London & SE Primary PE and Health & Well-Being Development Association’ also carries out periodic scrutiny and the reporting back of regional performance aligned to DfE published criteria

  • Lead regional provider for Level 5 / 6 Professional Qualification in Primary School Physical Education Specialism and Subject Leadership

  • Dedicated website that gives PE subject specific updates; teaching & learning materials and other invaluable resources to provide school leaders with all they need to know to deliver high quality PE and PSHE provision

  • Upon registration to CPD package choice, expert phone /email advice is subsequently available to Primary Head Teachers and Subject Leaders who seek additional guidance

Schools are welcome to request any additional PE and / or PSHE in-house and / or family cluster staff training or 1: 1 Subject Leader management support incl. Subject MOT @ £300 per day / £170 per half day (2023-24 rates) that can likewise be funded via the PESS Premium


afPE Benefits of Physical Education
The Website:

We recognise that hard working Primary schools require a no-nonsense, easy-to-locate and regularly updated resource bank that provides round-the-clock subject leader managerial and staff developmental support. 

This website aims to be a one-stop shop for all Primary PE and PSHE day-to-day needs. Examples include:

  • Policy documentation templates

  • Effective planning and assessment strategies

  • Online Primary PE / PSHE M.O.T Checker

  • PESS Premium audit and report guidance

  • Showcasing of best practice

  • DfE and Ofsted updates

...and so much more.

Finally, we are always willing to listen to and attend to your requests for additional features. If we haven't got it and you need it, then we'll fervently attend to bringing it to you.

It is as a result of the running costs involved to continually update this website, that we need to impose a charge per school of £75 per academic year that can be covered as a legitimate Primary PE & Sports Premium funding expense. Upon receipt of both registration form and payment, your school will then receive it's unique log-in code that your staff colleagues will be able to use 24/7. 

To register for full website access, please refer to SUBSCRIPTIONS

Disclaimer: Please note that website users can be easily monitored therefore non-registered school users who break entry into protected content can be tracked.

Postal Address:

c/o Silverstream House,


London W1T

Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 07.13.12.png

Bromley Borough Only:

Due to funding attained, we are able to provide FREE access to the Twilight After School Subject Leader Forum Meetings only but for both Physical Education and PSHE:

Application Form for

2023-24 PE & PSHE CPD Package

Primary PE & PSHE Subject Leader Forum Dates (2023-24)

Forum Dates (2023-24)

Accompanying copyright protected resource materials to the AUTUMN; SPRING and SUMMER Subject Leader Forums will be emailed out to all registered CPD school members only.

  • Physical Education


STANDARD Twilight x 3 termly meetings with accompanying resources



Remote delivery via Microsoft Teams 


  1. Thursday 9th November 2023

       (4.00 - 5.30pm)

  2.  Thursday 18th January 2024

       (4.00 - 5.30pm)

  3.  Thursday 25th April 2024

       (4.00 - 5.30pm)    

  •  Personal Social Health Education




Remote delivery via Microsoft Teams

  1. Thursday 16th November 2023

       (4.00 - 5.30pm)

  2. Thursday 25th January 2024

       (4.00 - 5.30pm)

  3. Thursday 23rd May 2024

       (4.00 - 5.30pm)

N.B: Please note that full access to website will only be provided to schools via a unique password when payment is received. Resource materials accompanying all Subject Leader Forums have been emailed out to all Member schools only.

Application Form for

2023-24 PE & PSHE CPD Package

Level 6 - Professional Vocational Qualification :
Primary School Specialism & Subject Leadership in PE - Course Application Details (2024)


Course Details

Course Registration

The following initiative is open to Primary School Staff, including TAs and Sport Coaches, within South East London and North Kent for a EIGHTH year, with all costs fundable via your school's PESS Premium:


'A well delivered course....range of research,handouts and powerpoint presentations provided by the Tutor assessor. Good support to the Delegates by visiting in their own school. Good feedback provided'


Outcome: 100% pass rate for all candidates who completed course's required delegate tasks.


(External Verifier's report)

Qualification Equivalence: OfQUAL


Level 2- Equivalent to GCSE A*-C/Mid Diploma/Mid Apprenticeship



Level 5 - Equivalent to Diploma of Higher Education; Foundation Degrees & HNDs


'It is a shame to see so many schools outsource PE provision to barely qualified sports coaches who deliver the subject unsupervised and unevaluated. It is also as unfortunate as it is common for schools to use beginner coaches, qualified in one sport, to deliver across the entire PE curriculum. A Level 1 or 2–qualified sports coach will probably not have the demonstrable understanding of child development, age-appropriate pedagogy and the National Curriculum knowledge and expertise in order to deliver PE to the required standard.'


(p16 - All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) re: Fit & Healthy Childhood's Physical Education Report. Published October 2016)

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